Our Story

Chic Origami Necklace - Our Story


Chic Origami was created by a neuroscientist who, when not exploring the intricacies of the brain, indulges in creating art with her imaginative son. They were smitten by the playful potential of origami and thus, the idea of crafting chic and fun origami-inspired jewelry was born.

Our mission? To craft one-of-a-kind origami-inspired jewelry that are chic, artistic, and fun to wear every day. Each jewelry is designed to inspire a little spark of creativity, and comes with a positive message to brighten your day. We use top quality materials - precious 925 Sterling Silver - available in either silver or 18K gold finish. Our commitment to you is quality and affordability, with a dash of fun! Sterling silver jewelry starts at just $25.

Ready to add some fun to your jewelry collection with Chic Origami? Try us out today with satisfaction guarantee.